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MILA POPOVICH is the founder of EVOLvED Leadership – educational program, practice and community for transformational leadership on the scale of personal development and excellence, organization building and institutional innovation, to planetary path-finding.

As an independent academic, she is a humanities expert, systems thinker and future education consultant. An international lecturer and speaker, she specializes in ecological literacy and sustainability, cultural diplomacy, new paradigm of human development and creative sides to future making.


Consult Mila Popovich and EVOLvED Leadership to reach the next level.


EVOLvED Leadership

EVOLvED Leadership: Educate, Elevate and Entitle New Leadership for Social Transformation

Founder & Director

Dr. Mila Popovich is the founder and director of EVOLvED Leadership which consists of a program, practice and community for transformational leadership.

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An organization which offers a program, consultancy and network to reinvent training and education as the most sophisticated technology of social evolution for the development

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EVOLvED Leadership has develop a multitude of programs offered to you as services.

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Worldwide Associations

Dr. Mila Popovich and EVOLvED Leadership work with worldwide associations thus with national and international collaborators.

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Projects Spectrum

EVOLvED Leadership has contributed to a wide projects spectrum such as international courses, seminars, workshops, webinars, keynotes and plenaries.

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References and Endorsements

EVOLvED Leadership has references and endorsements from various Board Directors, CEOs, Directors, Founders, Vice-Presidents and Presidents from all around the world.

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Here is a wide range of presentations that can give you a better idea about our expertise and inspire you toward the new paradigm of social transformation.

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The time is NOW and always NOW! Consult us to be part of the change and empower your community, institution, organization with the right information and tools for the new paradigm.



EVOLvED Leadership Team is composed of brilliant minds and experienced consultants that can really lead you toward extraordinary social transformation.

Serlina Lopez
Technical Manager

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Serlina Lopez
Denial Steve
Lead Developer

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Denial Steve
Monica Baron
Creative Designer

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Monica Baron

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