Women Empowerment and Inclusion at WIB Summit 2018

WIB Summit 2018

Mila Popovich is speaking about Women Empowerment and Inclusion at WIB (Women in Blockchain) Summit 2018 taking place at the University of California, Irvine, this coming April 8, 2018.

WIB Summit 2018

First Conference on the West Coast to Promote Inclusion and Diversity

Women in Blockchain is a one-day conference hosted by Blockchain at UCI. The conference will be led by prominent women leaders in various blockchain industries. The mission for this event is to encourage and engage the community to learn and communicate about the potential blockchain presents for social and economic reform. The blockchain industry is ripe for both change and growth, making it perfect for setting standards in diversity and inclusion.

Through a series of educational seminars, interactive discussion panels, and keynote speeches, we will explore some of the industries that blockchain technology will inevitably disrupt and revolutionize, including; financial services, cybersecurity, supply chain, healthcare, legal sectors, and more.

We are honored to have the support of the University of California, IBM, Microsoft, Intel, Coinbase, NEM, MLG Blockchain, ConsenSys, and more, to inaugurate this exciting new movement.

WIB will consist of an ongoing conversation about diversity in blockchain, both in terms of inclusivity and in terms of what blockchain as a technology can actually do for diversity.

The major tracks for the summit will be:

  • Blockchain in Technology;
  • Blockchain in IoT;
  • Blockchain in Healthcare;
  • Blockchain in Finance;
  • Laws & Regulations in ICOs;
  • Social Impact of Blockchain;
  • Investing in Cryptocurrencies.

There are 400 total tickets available for this event and lunch is provided.


9:00 – Opening

  • Check In;
  • Networking.

10:00 – Welcoming Remarks and Intro to Blockchain

10:15 – Keynote

10:45 – Social Impact and Applications in Finance, Tech, and Cybersecurity

11:20 – Brian Forde’s Presentation

11:35 – Blockchain as a New Revolutionary Protocol

12:00 – Halftime

  • Lunch;
  • Networking.

13:00 – Bringing Diversity to Blockchain

13:30 – Women Empowerment and Inclusion

14:20 – Legal with ICOs and Startups

14:50 – Applications in Healthcare, IOT, and Supply Chain

15:50 – Investment 101

16:30 – Keynote

17:00 – Epilogue

  • Networking.

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