Ksenija Djalović

Ksenija Djalović is a psychology student at the University of Donja Gorica, Montenegro.

She has a range of diverse interests as a youth leader, activist and international performing artist.

As a member and soloist of a regional folk ensemble, she has traveled extensively. International travels have given her an opportunity to expand her cultural horizons and affirmed the increasing need for cultural diplomacy in the globalized world.

She intends to apply her knowledge in psychology in the domain of capacity building and organizational leadership. Toward that goal, she obtained internships at EVOLving Leadership and Resolution Research in Colorado, USA.

With passion for social justice, Ksenija has been particularly interested in children’s rights and women’s issues in the global society. That pursuit led her to explore the newest technologies of socio-economic change such as the possibilities of the blockchain for women’s economic empowerment. She has become the first global intern at the Global Women in Blockchain.

Ksenija’s aspiration is to continue evolving personally and professionally so that she can develop her future practice for facilitating the growth of others.

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