An organization which offers a program, consultancy and network to reinvent training and education as the most sophisticated technology of social evolution for the development of transformational leadership.


EVOLving Leadership is a program, consultancy and network reinventing training and education as the most sophisticated technology of social evolution for the development of transformational leadership. It recognizes the productive gap between today’s crisis in conventional leadership and ever greater demand for and democratization of excellence. EVOLving Leadership is designed for the scale of a set of concentric circles – it engages and applies to the microcosm of an individual, meso level of organizations and communities to macro vision of planetary concerns. We prospect the depths of these domains and the intricacies of their relationships to liberate, expand and unleash these circles into ever-evolving and ascending spiral toward inspired responsibility, purposeful excellence and spirited interconnectedness.


Our mission is to educate, elevate and entitle new leadership for social change across all social strata, aspects of human activity, institutional domains and regions. Drawing on the leading edge natural and social sciences developments, we apply systems thinking, anticipation and foresight, holistic vision, transdisciplinary research and social artistry to engender integrated programs for human potential and organization development.

As many threats, inequalities and unrests have been devastating lives, breaking down communities, poisoning our planet and depleting our spirit of faith in humanity, what has become evident is that we are in a crisis of leadership. Simultaneously, we are witnessing the greater demand of development and democratization of excellence. Addressing the gap between the crisis of conventional leadership and ever-increasing demand for excellence, we develop programs and practices which address deeper drivers of human needs and aspirations and the pathways to their fulfillment and realization. Education, support and guidance are essential for wholesome development of good leaders and democratization of leadership for all to exhibit and contribute. For so many education is out of reach while major issues are decided in their name and at their expense. For many others, the education they are getting compartmentalizes their perception and, while amassing and testing information, limits their vision. For the rare few that attain positions of leadership, their attitudes and approaches are at best merely managerial and at worst divisive, narrow-minded, rigid, outdated and unimaginative to meet the demands of our times and lacking in capacity to mobilize hearts and minds of people toward greater purpose and vision.


Our vision is that each individual will see himself / herself as evolving being belonging to the greater human community as worthy contributor, social artist and planetary curator. Toward that vision of the new leadership we need for all, we lead people into their great potential, purpose and place in this world as conscious and conscientious leaders in their own right with a greater scope of influence in all areas of their lives and on all scales of human association.

Via innovative teaching methods, appreciative inquiry, systems thinking and foresight, we develop to potential of people and organizations to maximize their professional accomplishments, spheres of influence and impact.

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