References and Endorsements

EVOLving Leadership has references and endorsements from various Board Directors, CEOs, Directors, Founders, Vice-Presidents and Presidents from all around the world.

References and Endorsements

  • Heitor Gurgulino de Souza – President, World Academy of Art & Science, Brazil
  • Ivo Slaus – Honorary President, World Academy of Art and Science, Croatia
  • Garry Jacobs – CEO, World Academy of Art and Science and World University Consortium, USA & India
  • Winston Nagan – Vice President, World Academy of Art and Science, USA & South Africa
  • Alberto Zucconi – Founder and Director, The Person-Centered Approach Institute, Italy
  • Riane Eisler – Founder and Director, Center for Partnership Studies, USA
  • Alexander Likhotal – Director, Green Cross International, Switzerland
  • Ismail Serageldin – Director, Library of Alexandria, Egypt
  • Jakob von Uexkull – Founder and President, World Future Council, Germany & UK
  • Bohdan Hawrylyshyn – Founder and President, Bohdan Hawrylyshyn Charitable Foundation, Ukraine
  • Hazel Henderson – Founder and President, Ethical Markets Media, USA
  • Barbara Marx Hubbard – Founder, Foundation for Conscious Evolution
  • Claudine Schneider – Congresswoman, President, Claudine Schneider Consultancy
  • Jonathan Granoff – Founder and President, Global Security Institute
  • Thais Corral – Founder, Sinal do Vale, Eco Village and Institute for Sustainability, Brazil
  • Elizabeth Kucinich – Board Director, Rodale Institute, USA & UK
  • David Krieger – President, Nuclear Age Peace Foundation, USA
  • Ralph Wolff – Former President of the Senior College Commission of the Western Assoc. of Schools and Colleges, Director of the Institute for Creative Thinking
  • William Morse – Musical Director and Principle Conductor, Jefferson Symphonic Orchestra, USA

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