EVOLving Leadership has develop a multitude of programs offered to you as services.


Viewing individuals and organizations as living, evolving organic systems, we have developed a series of programs that revolve around a set of 3 concentric domains and focus on the way they are vitally interconnected as a pathway to building resilient and resourceful people and robust and thriving organizations. Our measure of excellence is based on human potential fulfillment, beneficial community impact, generation of collective wellbeing and planetary stewardship:

  1. Personal Development

  2. Your individual growth in an organization and society.

  3. Organization Building

  4. People in the organization, employee relationships, organizational dynamics, and institutional relationships.

  5. Planetary Membership

  6. Your organization in the community and the wider world.

We are experts in teaching and training, speaking and coaching, research and writing and apply those skills do develop courses, workshops, webinars, conferences and lectures for the following programs:

  1. Personal Development:
    • Human Potential Development & Personal Growth;
    • Capacity Building & Individual Accomplishment;
    • Growing People from Consumers to Members;
    • Creativity & Innovation;
    • Value-based Leadership;
    • Transformational Leadership;
    • Women’s Leadership;
    • Developing People into Social Artists and Planetary Stewards.

  2. Organization Building:
    • Strategic Planning & Structural Innovation;
    • Outreach and Institutional Partnerships;
    • Conscious Business and Social Enterprises;
    • Trust, Interpersonal Skills & Team Building;
    • Team Creativity & Innovation;
    • Collective Value-based Leadership;
    • Collective Transformational Leadership;
    • Women’s Leadership;
    • Community Relations;
    • Cultural Literacy & Cultural Diplomacy;
    • Social Media Strategies.

    For academic institutions, we specialize in:

    • Program Development;
    • Academic Outreach;
    • Educational Innovation;
    • Educational Enterpreneurship;
    • Webinar Design, Deliver and Facilitation;
    • MOOC (Massive Open Online Courses) Design and Coordination;
    • Interdisciplinary and Transdisciplinary Research and Coordination;
    • Conference and Events Facilitation;
    • Community Building.

  3. Planetary Membership:
    • Sustainability and Resilience;
    • Complex Systems Literacy;
    • Anticipation and Foresight;
    • Global Issues and Interdependence;
    • Transformational Leadership and Global Change;
    • New Economy;
    • New Cities;
    • Future of Education;
    • Social Artistry.

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