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Vital Voices

In 1997, Vital Voices was created to make space for women to be heard. Our founders knew then what has now become a universal truth: that women are essential to progress in their communities. Our world cannot move forward without their full participation.

Today, our organization is the product of the women we have worked with, their insights into leadership and our changing world.

Why Leaders

We invest in leaders because they take the responsibility to improve societies. They strengthen laws, create jobs and defend political freedoms.

Our investment in one leader impacts hundreds and thousands more. We partner with women who demonstrate leadership that unites and inspires people. They exhibit visionary thinking and take risks to innovate. Each leader in our global network believes in mentoring the rising generation and shares her knowledge, experience and influence with others.


Armed with two decades of insights and best practices, our organization is charting a new course for women’s leadership. The women we partner with are activists, innovators and entrepreneurs. They come from cities and villages, and from every educational, religious and socio-economic background imaginable. They create the world they imagine and drive transformation in their communities and beyond.

Over the last 20 years, Vital Voices has been right there with them. Our programs have helped catalyze change through four key areas of practice:

Leadership Model

The Vital Voices Leadership Model is a set of practices learned from the women leaders in our network. In more than 20 years of partnering with women leaders around the world, we have observed five common traits that together constitute a new model of leadership. This style is collaborative and innovative, and even though it is learned from women, its significance extends to all people.

Vital Voices: Leadership Model


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