WEWorld Network

WEWorld Network


WEWorld Network

WEWorld Network is a global community of joyful, abundance-minded entrepreneurs, living, giving and receiving generously, working collaboratively, sharing wisdom and knowledge openly for the highest good for all (self, others and our planet).

Our vision is to create world peace through business, while celebrating feminine heart and soul. At its core, WEWorld Network encourages women entrepreneurs to express their purpose, joy and love in the work they do while being who they are innately within a safe and trusted space. Here, all women entrepreneurs, whether they are veterans or just starting out, can be valued, connected, inspired and empowered.


  • Integrity
    Wholeness, unity, well-being, in complete harmony with one’s core values;
  • Honor
    Respect for self and others;
  • Expressive
    Live a fully expressed life through your authentic voice, play and vulnerability;
  • Appreciation
    Gratitude for all (self, others and earth) – past, present and future;
  • Responsibility
    Taking ownership of your words, thoughts and actions;
  • Trust
    Trust self, others and universe that all is good;
  • Sisterhood
    Connection and support for each other to thrive in our lives;
  • Originality
    Embracing individuality, creativity and uniqueness of everyone
  • Uplift
    Inspire others and self to be the best of themselves;
  • Love
    Giving wholeheartedly, the foundation of everything – we are all Love.


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